2020 Year in Review: Reviewing 2020, in 2020

This year is 2020. And that’s all I have to say about that!

Here are some pieces I published that I enjoyed writing, most of which I forgot about until just now and I hope you did too.

Carnal Knowledge: In Praise of Roommates

Illustration: Skye Oleson-Cormack

An essay about roommates, of which I am a bad one. (Earlier today I dropped the sugar jar, which shattered across the floor. I tried my best to sweep it up but now when you step in the general vicinity of the Sugar Incident your feet get sticky still. What am I gonna do, mop it? Yeah right.)

Cooking Solo in the Woods


I wrote about vacationing alone, with only a car as your friend.

My 98 Days in Unemployment Purgatory

The New Republic

Still waiting on a response to DOL forms I sent in August.

Where You’re Out of Work Makes All the Difference in the World


I profiled different countries’ pandemic unemployment responses for VICE. Then I got laid off.

What Is Money?

Image: Jim Cooke 

What is it?????

The Substackerati

Columbia Journalism Review
Olivia Fields

Some personal news: I’m starting a Substack … piece and also finishing it here it is.

A Boom Time for Bean Memes

Bean meme provided by author

This was—by far—the most impactful piece I wrote this year. Given that, I wanted to provide a glimpse into what it takes to bring a piece like this from pitch to publication:

But sometimes it’s about the pieces that you didn’t get around to publishing because more important things (a global pandemic) happened:

Oh also, I still can’t hold a plank.

Goodbye 2020!!!!!!!

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