2020 Year in Review: Reviewing 2020, in 2020

This year is 2020. And that’s all I have to say about that! Here are some pieces I published that I enjoyed writing, most of which I forgot about until just now and I hope you did too. Carnal Knowledge: In Praise of Roommates SSENSE An essay about roommates, of which I am a badContinue reading “2020 Year in Review: Reviewing 2020, in 2020”

Review Time, Baby: Clio’s Year in Review

This year was my first as a full-time freelancer. We made it! I say we because I truly could not have done it without so many friends, editors, coworkers, and union buds who helped me at every turn, from looking over first drafts to always pushing me to ask for more money. As my supportiveContinue reading “Review Time, Baby: Clio’s Year in Review”